the mobile bicycle service

Hello, my name is Dave Wilkes, a City and Guilds level 2 qualified cycle mechanic. I am also a Bikefit professional.

I have been riding and maintaining bikes for many years while working as a field technician in the office equipment industry. The day job moved into software and management and the spark that kept me interested slowly died away. So a few years ago I decided to make a big change and get qualified as a bike mechanic with the aim to one day leave the office humdrum and break out into the world of cycling as a full time profession. I started my own company Onsite Cycles and worked at weekends and evenings to build the business, client base, tool list, stock and eventually my mobile workshop.

In late 2016 I took a call from Simon who told me of his intention to move away from Horsham to live in the Devon area to improve his quality of life for him and his family. after several discussions we came to an agreement and I took over and handed my notice in to my office job.

So here we are Horsham bikes is now part of Onsite Cycles and I hope to continue the great service that Simon had delivered over the last 5 years.