the mobile bicycle service

The options below outline our different levels of service. Please note that unless otherwise stated, any replacements parts will be in addition to the charges shown below. We will of course advise you of this before commencing work and any replaced parts will be available for you to inspect when the bicycle is returned to you.

A surcharge will be made for any bicycle that needs to be cleaned before we can start work.

Basic £35 – Simply a health check to make sure your bike is safe to ride, includes gear and brake adjustments.

Standard £60 – A thorough check and adjustment of all moving parts. Also includes trueing of wheels on the bike.

Major £120 – The bike is completely stripped, cleaned, regreased and lubricated. Gear and brake cables are replaced, cost included. Wheels are removed and trued, tensioned and hubs stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new bearings where applicable. More details on this service available on request.

Individual jobs – Anything from repairing a puncture, fitting accessories through to a complete rebuild. Prices start from £17.50 excluding parts.

Build of customers bike £40 – Available for bikes bought by you on the internet.

Custom build – p.o.a.

Wheel building – p.o.a.